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From Basics To Deploying Scalable Web Applications

Key Concepts to Mastering CSS

1. Introduction to CSS

Anatomy of a CSS Rule

A CSS style sheet consists of rules, which targets HTML by using selectors that describe the elements on which the styles should've applied.

Advanced Git Features for Pro Developers

1. Rebasing

Rebasing is one of the best features of Git, where you can integrate changes from one branch to another branch. …

Understanding Immutability in JavaScript

1. What is Progressive Rendering?

Progressive rendering refers to the techniques that are used to improve web page performance, such as displaying content as quickly as possible. Web developers should always learn such methods to build web pages that are more user-friendly and compatible with slow internet connections.

Fast and Simple Authorization With OAuth

OAuth and Why We Need It

OAuth stands for Open Authorization is a secure, industry-standard protocol allowing…

Unknown CSS Features for Faster Web Development

1. Striped Backgrounds

There are times when developers have to add stripes as backgrounds in their application as a medium of visual design. …

1. Creating An Array

There are multiple ways to create an array in Javascript, and the most simple one is to simply assign array values to a variable.


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